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The company is made up of business professionals who each have 25 years or more in the marketing and government relations area.

Kenn Penman
Kenn Penman
Kenneth Penman, Principal - USAF (retired), NATO LW-AWACS Programme Technical Support Section

Kenn has been actively involved in the Government & Commercial Aerospace/Defense industry for over 40 years; first, as a 21-year career Sr NCO with the United States Air Force, then two separate stints with NATO. The first as civil functionary with the NATO AWACS E3A Technical Support Section before leaving the Agency for family reasons. However, his unique skills and expertise were required a second time a few years later as a Sr Technical Consultant to the NATO LW-AWACS Programme before being requested to assume the duties of the NLO (NATO Liaison Officer) at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan.

In between NATO assignments, Kenn has been very active as a private consultant to prospective vendors seeking to enhance their business with the federal government. His expertise includes development of programs and campaigns from inception to full roll out, proposal writing, a complete understanding of the federal purchasing system, GSA protocols and procedures, solicitation monitoring, presentation design, as well as, execution of sales and marketing programs, relationship building, consulting and public relations. Kenn’s insight, gained through years of personal involvement at the government, international agency, and private sector levels, makes his advice invaluable on a variety of topics, such as, local, state, and federal agency relationships, quality systems, e.g., ISO and MIL-I-45208A (rescinded in 1996) and how to transition from a FAA repair station to “build-to-drawing” U.S. Govt. Contractor, to name a few examples.

Working with numerous companies, Kenn has provided his expertise to a diverse array of companies that specialize in computerized engraving systems, the manufacture of critical flight control surfaces for the US military, as well as bridge rebuilding of vendor/government relationships to obtain significant long-term government contract awards.

Having lived almost 20 years abroad, due to professional exigencies, his appreciation for international customs and cultures is demonstrated by his affinity for languages (Spanish and French) and by his ability to quickly form trust relationships, both professionally and personally.

Kenn is active in numerous veterans service organizations, holding important office in many such as President of the Association of the US Army, Executive VP of the Air Force Association 317th Miami, Secretary of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 620, to name a few, and was instrumental in helping to organize the Miami-Dade Veterans Treatment Court Mentor corps serving as the Co-Mentor Coordinator from its inception in 2016 until the covid-19 pandemic curtailed his activities as a precautionary measure.

Kenn holds a Certificate of Project Management from Villanova University.

E-mail: kpenman@ontargetgroup.com

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