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The company is made up of business professionals who each have 25 years or more in the marketing and government relations area.

Lenny Bendell
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Lenny Bendell, CCCE-Principal

Lenny has been actively involved in marketing and operations for over 30 years. His expertise includes helping develop programs and campaigns from inception to full roll out.

His activities include the development of marketing plans, relationship building, consulting, overseeing production processes, public relations, locating funding, distribution, syndication, and underwriting. Lenny has been actively involved in management for over 30 years. His expertise and working knowledge of a variety of industries make his advice invaluable on topics such as: funding sources, pre-buy, equity participation; distribution and licensing agreements; and agency relationships.

Lenny is a recognized author of magazine articles and books. His latest book is, "It's Your Money" published by Triad Publishing. Lenny has written several television documentaries that have been broadcast around the world.

E-mail: lbendell@ontargetgroup.com

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