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About Us

The company is made up of business professionals who each have 25 years or more in the marketing and government relations area.

We believe strongly in creating and maintaining business and government strategic alliances that meet the goals of our clients growth plans. We work closely with our clients in determining the best methods and processes to assure positive results, and then we assist our clients in implementing the marketing plan.

ON TARGET enables you to successfully compete in the government marketplace. We create a B2G strategy that allows your organization to capitalize on your product or service strengths. On Target assists you in implementing your B2G strategy for maximum effectiveness. Don’t be left out of the federal, state, and local governments markets, the world’s biggest users of goods and services.

ON TARGET can deliver the following:

  • A Government Marketing Plan based on experience
  • Identification of your potential customers
  • Registration of your product or service with Federal, State and Local Agencies
  • Preparation of 8a, GSA Schedules and, government contracting documents
  • Writing and Responding to government requests for proposals
  • Effective representation of your organization before government agencies
  • Introduction of your products and services to key government decision makers
  • New business development, including partnering with incumbent suppliers and other primary source contractors.

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